Writing Voices: Creating Communities of Writers

Article excerpt

Writing Voices: Creating Communities of Writers

Teresa Cremin and Debra Myhill

Routledge 2012

ISBN 9780415579810

Paperback 25.99 [pounds sterling]


Teresa Cremin and Debra Myhill's book, Writing Voices: Creating Communities of Writers is a new and exciting work on the pedagogy of writing that is drawn from their own and others' research on understanding what it means to be a writer. It reflects upon composing writing and the experience of being a writer from the perspectives of teachers, children and professional writers--the often 'silent voices' in studies of how we write--thus making this text an important contribution to writing theory and I a must for primary and secondary educators.

After an introduction and 'Chapter 1 Laying the Foundations for Teaching and Writing' which offers a 'synthesis of multiple I ways of thinking about writing, the writing process and the teaching of writing', the text is split into three parts: 'Children as Writers'; 'Teachers as Writers', and 'Professional Writers', and, amongst other things, offers thoughts on the role of talk and texts on writing; writing as design; and the 'role of metacognition in writing' ('thinking about one's thinking'). All this linked to in-depth and often ground-breaking research from many in the international research community. …


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