Magazine article Word Ways

Anagram Quiz 8

Magazine article Word Ways

Anagram Quiz 8

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The clues are both anagrams and definitions of the answers. The drawings are clueless. Letter counts (5 9) are used only if the answer is not a single word or if the clue is a polyanagram. Beware my use of-ise for-ize. (I can anagram easier now that Australian is my language: re a "-ise"!)

1. a host parentage (5 9)


2. aim one: hate rule

3. Angle in.


4. re ill ire (4)

5. be trader

6. bit-on aim

7. bun seer's vice

8. "Come top in it!"

9. copied modal unit (11 4)

10. diet noising

11. DNA's go

12. exotic swat (5 5)

13. Gab dean, I.

14. Hie? Sat on it.

15. ie, "sear cut"

16. I'll even g. (gravity)

17. I'm re note pd.

18. into great "in"

19. I open out trips, put option rise. (13)

20. ie, spurt on


21. lea, down, dam

22. "Let's dig in!"


23. man sating greed

24. merit dent

25. nary a yes

26. note leap


27. or re CD

28. …

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