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What Will Take off in 2013?

Magazine article Marketing

What Will Take off in 2013?

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Marketers from across the industry look back on their digital successes of 2012 and reveal where they are putting their money in 2013.

There's a confident air among senior marketers after a year in which one or two certainties have been established. Digital never lets the grass grow under its feet, of course, but whatever else happens in 2013, brands have another year of mobile, tablets and social minesweeping ahead of them.

In terms of favoured platforms, the field is reassuringly broad, even divided, but dual-screening and internet-connected TV are likely to play a major part in marketers' campaigns. Twitter remains both a challenge and a boon, Facebook a revolution and a frustration. The jury is still out on Google+ and augmented reality, however.


Mark Rose, UK brand manager, BP

- What digital technique or platform surprised you this year?

Our Olympic and Paralympic dual-screen Twitter campaigns. It's a very of-the-moment thing, and the value was not just that they showed the support BP has for all these athletes, but they also inspired the athletes too - Shelly Woods tweeted that she had seen her name on the ad and nearly dropped her cup of tea.

- Which digital media will get more of your budget in 2013?

We are going to put social at the heart of what we do; it will bind channels together. For example, we asked people to share their stories on Facebook to win tickets to the Olympics and Paralympics. We had a few hundred entries, with some really amazing stories about how people were contributing to the Games, and we put the best of them on digital screens across London. If we are going to celebrate these people, let's do it in a big way.

- What has the most potential?

We did something on our print ads with (mobile augmented-reality and image-recognition platform) Blippar, where we turned a very static experience into an interactive one, so you could 'blip' the ad and enter a competition. Zeebox - which I would describe as audio search - seems to be a platform that's growing.

Spencer McHugh, Brand marketing director, EE

- What's worked well for you this year?

Making a commitment to developing our own in-house social-media team at the beginning of the year. It has been a massive success, giving greater control, greater speed in terms of reaction, and we have been able to integrate it with everything else we do.

The great thing about digital is, because there's such a wealth of data, there's always something that you learn. There aren't that many unpleasant surprises.

- What has the most potential, and what is overhyped?

We were the first network to launch a 4G product, and its speed is going to offer enormous opportunities for digital marketers. As for hype: gamification. I'm not sure if it's the content or just the name of it.

- What platform surprised you this year?

The activity we have been doing with Google+. We did some fairly early trials with that and have been very pleased with the results. We were also really committed this year to our business-to-business activity, especially our work with LinkedIn, and particularly in terms of the Orange brand.

- Which digital media will get more of your budget in 2013, and which less?

There isn't any one particular area that will get any more or less investment, really - we will continue to invest in digital.

John Allert, Brand director, McLaren Group

- Which digital media will get more of your budget in 2013?

Among Formula One teams, we are probably at the bleeding edge of social media, and that's where more of our investment will go in 2013. As well as Facebook and Twitter, we are looking at Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. It's less about us trying to impose ourselves on our followers, more about being where people want us to be. …

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