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Marketing without Barriers: Why Fusion Marketing Is the Future of Advertising

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Marketing without Barriers: Why Fusion Marketing Is the Future of Advertising

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Some of the best ideas involve mashing together unrelated things: a bell and a clock (the alarm clock), infotainment, salt and chocolate ... the list goes on and on. In his new book, The Fusion Marketing Bible, social media strategist Lon Safko challenges marketers to increase the value of their social, digital, and traditional media campaigns by fusing them in innovative ways. Associate Editor Judith Aquino caught up with Safko to find out what it takes to create a marketing mashup.

CRM: What is fusion marketing and how can companies best use it?

Lon Safko: What fusion marketing does is combine three types of media: traditional, social, and digital. There's a wheel diagram in my book to help you figure out how to do that. You can start with a wheel that contains different types of traditional media, like business cards, radio, television, and coupons, then add a wheel for digital media and another wheel for social media. Take business cards for, example. I wondered if there was a connection between business cards and other media. I looked across the wheel and the first thing I saw was coupons.


What if I put a QR code on the back of my business card that tells people who scan it they'll get a free half-hour of consulting if they call or provides a list of all my products and their prices on the person's smartphone, right after we met each other? Next I reversed those connections and went from coupons to business cards. Companies can put their contact information on a coupon for customers who are thinking of buying a product but have questions about it.

That's how fusion marketing came about. You look at [the media you have], figure out [which are] effective, then look for ways to start combining them. By connecting different forms of media, you're increasing their effectiveness.

CRM: What mistakes are companies prone to making when trying to broaden their audience through fusion marketing?

Safko: One of the biggest mistakes is pulling out just because you're not seeing immediate results. It takes some effort to get it right. The second thing is, are you fully leveraging your ads? When you run a TV commercial, for example, are you including your Twitter handle to encourage people to follow you on Twitter? …

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