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What Fred Said

Magazine article Newsweek

What Fred Said

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Byline: Matthew DeLuca

A longtime veteran of Saturday Night Live, Armisen sounds off on the return of his IFC show Portlandia and mimicking Penny Marshall.

Today [Dec. 4] is your birthday. What will you be doing?

Working. I just work all the way through. It's writing night [for Saturday Night Live]. It's a good thing, because I consider it a good-luck charm to be working on my birthday.

Season 3 of Portlandia starts Jan. 4. What should we be excited about?

We've kind of extended some of the stories. Something that we haven't really done that much before are stories that go episode to episode instead of everything being in their own little pods.

What is it that's so appealing about granola-crunching flannel wearers?

I feel that that world is extending beyond Portland, so even though it's about the city of Portland, it's kind of a city that exists everywhere. The more I travel, especially for the show, the more I'm seeing that there are parts of North Carolina and Illinois that are similar. I don't think it's anybody taking a cue from or copying anyone else. It's just the way cities are going.

Co-creator Carrie Brownstein is working on a memoir. Is a memoir in your future?

That's a good question. I don't know if I'm open enough to do that. If I were ever lucky enough to write a book, there are so many areas that I'd visit first. Like accents, the history of accents in America.

You helped Penny Marshall plug her new book by imitating her on YouTube. …

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