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Magazine article Geographical

Top 10

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1. Why the West Rules--For Now (2010) by Ian Morris (Profile, 12.99 [pounds sterling]) A novel and readable account of history from prehistory to the present

2. The New Atlas of World History (2011) by John Haywood (Thames & Hudson, 25 [pounds sterling]) A manageable guide to world history with colourful, well-researched maps and timelines

3. Germania (2010) by Simon Winder (Picador, 8.99 [pounds sterling]) An eccentric and engaging history of Germany beyond the horrific Third Reich

4. Trickster Travels (2006) by Natalie Zemon Davis (Faber, 10 [pounds sterling]) Explores Muslim and Christian cultures through the extraordinary life of Hasan al-Wazzan--aka Leo Africanus

5. Jerusalem: the Biography (2011) by Simon Sebag Montefiore (Vintage, 17.50 [pounds sterling]) A readable account of the city that's central to three of the world's major religions

6. The Hemlock Cup (2010) by Bettany Hughes (Vintage, 9.99 [pounds sterling]) A biography of Socrates that places his teaching and downfall in the context of his life and times. …

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