Magazine article Russian Life

Cucumbers and Fighter Jets

Magazine article Russian Life

Cucumbers and Fighter Jets

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YOU NEVER KNOW what you are going to find when you wander Russian roads.

A few years ago, I was in Moscow and looking to fill an empty day with an interesting outing to somewhere outside the capital. On the recommendation of our history editor, Tamara Eidelman, I set out for Kolomna and Zaraysk.

It was a bright, sunny day and the drive was slow-going and uneventful. Then, about 125 kilometers southeast of Moscow, we drove through the quiet town (population 32,000) of Lukhovitsy.


After World War II, Lukhovitsy had been transformed into a major center for Soviet aeronautical and defense production, home of the massive Moscow Aviation Factory, where, among other things, MiG jets were built.

Had I driven down these roads in the Soviet era, in all likelihood I would have been arrested as a spy. But, then again, back then it would have been near impossible to rent a South Korean compact and then hire a driver to take me to Kolomna by way of a secret military town.

Of course, Lukhovitsy is no longer a closed city. They do still build MiGs here, and there is a MiG-23 installed in the town as a monument. Yet, when we drove through the center of town, all we saw was a huge cucumber on a pedestal--a memorial to the famous Lukhovitsy cucumber. On the monument, if one were to stop (we did not), you could read: (loosely translated: "From Grateful Lukhovitsians to the Cucumber-Sustainer"). Apparently the quality of Lukhovitsian cucumbers is widely renowned throughout Moscow region and, indeed, all of Russia. Lukhovitsian cucumbers are cucumber-lovers' cucumbers. …

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