Magazine article Success

The Power of Your Words

Magazine article Success

The Power of Your Words

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Words have incredible power. They can build; they can destroy. But perhaps the most underestimated power words have is when they are left unspoken.

Robert's story illustrates this point. Robert grew up in a rural area where his dad was known as the town drunk. Robert was a star football player who made the All-American team in high school and went on to play for a prestigious university. Football was Robert's life, but as far as he knew, his father had never seen him play a single game.


Inside, Robert felt a void. He wasn't conscious of it back then, but what he wanted and needed most was the approval of his father.

After college, Robert struggled a bit as a business owner. He lacked self-assurance and people skills. One day he got a call telling him his father had had a heart attack and might not make it. Robert rushed to the emergency room. When he arrived, his father was so disoriented that he thought Robert was the doctor. What his father said next would forever change Robert's life.

"Hey Doc, have I ever told you about my son, Robert? I am so proud of him. He was a great football player and now he is a successful businessman. He's smart and talented. Doc, I just wish you could meet my son."

That day Robert heard the words he had longed to hear for more than 35 years. His father's assurance and pride were like a healing tonic coursing through his body. Robert's father survived the heart attack, and they both gained a new outlook, each in his own way.

Today Robert is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar, multinational corporation--and the successful businessman his father described. …

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