NRPA'S Online Community Forums Address Best Practices in Research

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"How important is research and data in your agency activities? What types of research do you do and how do you use it?"

IN THE TULSA DISTRICT, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, we have had several recreation research projects done by Oklahoma State University to solicit public input on recreation needs, and the types of facilities most important to them. This enables us to better direct our resources to the types of facilities and recreation opportunities most in demand.

John A. Marnell

Deputy Chief of Operations

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Tulsa, Oklahoma

AT FIVE RIVERS METROPARKS, research and the data from it are becoming part of the fabric of how we serve the public. We use numerous research tools to gauge needs and support for our services, evaluations at the end of each program to understand how we are meeting expectations, and marketing analytics to improve our marketing effectiveness, our audience reach, and our programs themselves, just to name a few. Also, as we explore sources for alternative revenue in these changing times, research and data are becoming increasingly important in helping us understand where our potential sources of revenue are and how we are performing against our revenue goals.

Amy Forsthoefel

Five Rivers MetroParks

Dayton, Ohio

RESEARCH AND DATA COLLECTION are extremely important to the natural resources staff at Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation, North Carolina. We manage our nature preserves based on scientific interpretation of multiple data sources. …


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