Magazine article The Futurist

Turkish Futurists Association: Networking, Dreaming, Digitalizing: News for the Futurist Community

Magazine article The Futurist

Turkish Futurists Association: Networking, Dreaming, Digitalizing: News for the Futurist Community

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The Eighth Futurist Shuffle conference was held at Microsoft Turkey on November 5, 2012, with almost 150 attendees. It enhanced our vision with the theme of "My vision for 2013 and beyond." The bimonthly conference is hosted by the Turkish Futurists Association.

To reach a wider audience, the conference was also live on the Internet and received hashtagged questions from Twitter and other social media platforms. As many as 5,000 people were reached by the live broadcast.

The conference started with welcoming remarks from Murat Sahin, president of the Turkish Futurists Association. He pointed out the serious transformational change of the world since the Renaissance and World War II, and he said that futurism is an important science discipline enabling us to understand the change and to design the future.

Sahin explained that the Turkish Futurists Association has been presenting activities to form a positive future perception since 2005, and that futurism is known by an important part of people in Turkey. As a result of these activities, futurism has been accepted as an elective course at Middle East Technical University, which is a long-established and one of top universities in Turkey. He mentioned that they will go on with futurist activities with an increasing momentum to create a better future.

The first keynote speakers of Futurist Shuffle were Vadi Efe and Samet Ensari, founder and CEO of Dekatlon Buzz, who described the future use of online platforms and their integration with products. Examples like Path-FuelBand and Twoddler-Twitter integration will increase and accelerate. They also highlighted the future of socialized and digitalized products. For example, sport T-shirts will track our performance and share our muscle ratio via social media platforms. Social media will be placed at the heart of our lifestyle through digitalization of nondigital products.

Efe and Ensari also examined the future of online identity. In job interviews, our social scores (like Klout scores) will be a reference for human resource managers. Our tweets will never disappear and will appear even a year later as an argument to support any subject. This is what they call "social media reincarnation." Because of this, they warned, you should make sure that your pro-file--tweets, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, comments, blogs, and pictures--reflects you and gives a unified message about you.

Our second keynote speaker, Kina Demirel, CRM manager of Money Club Card at Migros, Turkey, mentioned that the future of social media strategy will be more integrated with the marketing and production strategy at companies. …

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