College Students Stung by Obamacare

Article excerpt

College students soon will wake up to the fact that they have been had. While they overwhelmingly were supportive of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) when the President was championing it, they will not be pleased when they find out that there is a huge price they will have to pay, indicates physician Alieta Eck, cofounder of New Jersey's Zarephath Health Center, a free clinic for the poor and uninsured utilizing the donated services of volunteer physicians and nurses.

Apparently, New Jersey is the only state in the nation that currently requires all college students to have health care coverage. Previously, this college coverage always has been a bare-bones plan costing from $100-$600 per year. The new health care regulations will force these plans to be phased out, as the mandated coverage under ObamaCare will cause the premiums to rise to $1,700 per year.

In a quintessential example of irony, Eck points out, Democrat Celeste Riley of the N.J. Assembly is sponsoring a bill to eliminate the state's mandatory health insurance for college students, despite the fact that Democrats overwhelmingly supported Pres. Barack Obama's plan when it was being debated.

College students are getting an object lesson in progressvism, Eck suggests. They will learn that their choices are being obliterated when it comes to what must be included in their plans. An edict came down that a college plan must cover 30 mental health outpatient visits, as well as inpatient mental health benefits; substance and chemical abuse treatments; all preexisting conditions; pregnancy, wellness, and preventative care visits; and contraception and abortions. …