Magazine article Anglican Journal

The Primate's World Relief and Development Funds Transforming Lives at Home and around the World

Magazine article Anglican Journal

The Primate's World Relief and Development Funds Transforming Lives at Home and around the World

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PWRDF's work in the world

              Food      Health  Relief/   Poverty  Human
              security  care    refugees           rights/


Burundi       *         *                 *        *

DR Congo

Egypt         *         *       *

Kenya                   *       *

Mozambique    *         *                 *        *

Palestine               *       *

South Africa  *         *                 *        *

Tanzania      *         *                 *        *


Brazil                                             *

Canada                  *       *                  *

Cuba          *                                    *

El Salador              *

Guatemala     *         *                 *        *

Haiti                           *

Mexico                  *                          *

Nicaragua               *

Peru                                               *


Bangladesh    *         *                 *        *

China (Hong             *                          *

India         *         *       *         *        *

Japan                           *

Pakistan                        *

Philippines   *                           *        *

Solomon       *                           *

Sri Lanka     *         *       *         *        *

Thai-Burma              *                          *

In Egypt, Palestine and India our food security, health care,
poverty and human rights work is through refugee groups.

Fostering a Culture of Respect for Mexican Women

In the midst of drug trade related violence, thousands of murders a year, and rampant human rights abuses, the Centro de Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres (CEDEHM), the Centre for Women's Human Rights in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has been working to promote the rights of women, to provide legal advice, to raise awareness, and to advocate for women's rights. CEDEHM offers support for women like Marisela Escobedo, who was murdered across the street from the Governor's Palace in Chihuahua City last December as she protested the "innocent" verdict handed down to her own daughter's admitted killer.

CEDEHM was recognized for their work by the Human Rights Commission in Mexico ay. The award "means a lot and is greeted with great humility. It is a recognition of the women's movement in the state of Chihuahua and the work done," said Luz Estela Castro Rodriguez. "With this award we are enveloped and strengthened, it is a gesture of support in the midst of the danger in which we live and is dedicated to all the women who are no longer with us ..."

Despite threats, intimidation and violence, the staff of CEDEHM will continue their work, until their cry of "ni una mast' (not one more!) is a reality--until there are no more feminicides (the killing of women) in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Developing Skills, Learning Hope in Burundi

Vulnerable young women in Burundi are receiving new hope through the Mother's Union of the Diocese of Bujumbura. 20 young girls and women aged 16-25--single parents, illiterate or the victims of rape are part of a skills development program each year Through the program, they develop employable skills including sewing, embroidery and cooking. The program also provides counseling and accompaniment to the women. The Mother's Union works to create a safe environment for the women to learn these skills and then helps them to reconnect with society. …

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