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Magazine article Anglican Journal


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ON MAY 3, the Anglican Journal posed the following question to its friends on Facebook at

People around the world are celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden, the prime mover behind the 9/ii attacks in the U.S. Do you consider it un-Christian to rejoice in his death?

Here's what they told us:


Bin Laden was created in God': image, and killed as a false idol. One can celebrate an end to terrorist endeavours, but to celebrate the death of another human distances us from the Holy and diminishes our humanity.


I don't believe it Christian to celebrate the death of another human being. I mourn those who have died under his direction, and pray that we may find comfort, not in his death, but that he can no longer inflict evil in the world.


Extremely un-Christian. But the reality is most of what is called "Christian" these days has very little to do with the ministry Christ lived. …

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