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Soul-Soothing Book an Elixir for the Spirit

Magazine article Anglican Journal

Soul-Soothing Book an Elixir for the Spirit

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Circle Books, 2011


Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository and some local bookstores

THE AUTHOR BEGAN working on the book a few years ago when her body was racked with pain from mercury poisoning.

In case you're wondering, "soulistry" is a neologism coined by We Rev. Dr. June Mack Maffin as shorthand for artistry of the soul. Her new book of the same name, published April 29 and subtitled Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality, is a spring tonic that speaks to our very essence.

The book guides readers through soul journeying and soul journalling, prompting them to have profound written conversations with themselves and with the mystery that lies at the heart of existence. Keeping a spiritual diary as a tool of self-discovery, soul travellers work their way through a series of Journal Prompts--inspiring quotations that lead to Soul-Questions. Their responses to those questions are designed to help them know themselves more intimately, to clarify what they really believe about life, relationships and important issues, and to help them grow fully into their humanity.

The almost 8o catalyst quotations harvest the wisdom of sage minds from different walks, faiths and ages. Slake your spiritual thirst on topics ranging from faith and hope to goodness, mystery and wisdom with citations from ancient Chinese proverbs, Buddha, Christ, Navajo chants, Khalil Gibran and Dag Hammarskjtild. …

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