Magazine article Success

Rally Cry

Magazine article Success

Rally Cry

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I was in Manhattan to meet with the publisher who was taking the message of my book The Compound Effect to the masses. I was escorted to a conference room where shelves filled with best-sellers lined the walls. The marketing team pointed to a spot on the wall where mine would be.

Marketing staffers began the strategy discussion by saying they reached out to mainstream media and received great response: radio interviews, a few TV appearances and some online article requests. "We even got a request from CNN, wanting you to write an article for its website," the web media publicist said. She practically giggled with glee as she said the letters C-N-N.

I laughed out loud. "You're kidding, right?" lier startled eyes indicated she wasn't. "Clearly they haven't read the book," I said. An awkward silence filled the room. "Even if they read only the introduction, they'd know they--along with all sensational news media--are my mortal enemy." By seeing the confused faces, I knew I needed to give an explanation (and a rally cry).

"News media have become a competitive blood sport for our attention," I said. "Their focus is on finding the half-dozen most violent, tragic, scandalous and ugly things that happened in a day and parade them morning and night. Their goal is to trigger our fear, worry, threat and distress responses so we keep tuning in.

"This barrage of negative input devastates our productive potential and creative capacity. What we see and hear is what we think about. Our thoughts become our expectations. Expectation leads to manifestation. It's a dangerous and damaging downward spiral."

Nearly in a lather, I concluded, "CNN, FOX and the rest are the Goliaths we fight at SUCCESS. We want to show people what's right with the world. We spotlight those who, despite great odds and obstacles, do magnificent, wonderful and difference-making things. And most important, how all of us have the ability to do the same. …

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