Magazine article American Banker

SCI's Latest Wrinkle: 4 ATMs in Space of 2 for Price of 1

Magazine article American Banker

SCI's Latest Wrinkle: 4 ATMs in Space of 2 for Price of 1

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WASHINGTON -- SCI Systems Inc. has introduced a piece of equipment that combines four automated teller machines in one.

The unit is basically a big box with four teller machine "faces" -- where customers perform transactions -- instead of the usual one face per machine. And SCI's new unit has a few other unusual features.

"You get four ATMs in the space of one for the price of two," and Ronald J. Coe, principal engineer for SCI's financial systems division, which showed the machine here at the American Bankers Association's national operations and automation conference.

Separately, Fujitsu Systems of America introduced at the conference a new ATM designed for use in bank lobbies.

SCI's "multiuser ATM," as the firm calls it, is the company's first teller machine.

SCI, based in Huntsville, Ala., sells high-technology equipment to a variety of industries, and many of its products are marketed under other companies' names. Five percen to 10% of SCI's sales represent banking equipment, such as teller terminals and software. Dispenses Currency and Coins

SCI's machine is designed for use in bank lobbies or other indoor locations. It has one teller machine face on each of its four sides.

The machine dispenses currency and coins so that it can support exact cashing of checks that are deposited, Mr. Coe said. In the American market, only International Business Machines Corp.'s new teller machine is capable of giving out coins as well cash.

And SCI's machine is activated by touching its screen, another unusual feature. Teller machines are normally operated with a separate keypad.

SCI opted for the touch-sensitive screen so that the machine can be adapted for other functions, such as dispensing airline or entertainment tickets, Mr. Coe explained. To support other functions, the machine's operator could simply change the words and figures that appear on the screen. …

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