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Magazine article The New American

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Associated Press Bans the Term "Illegal Immigrant"

"The world's largest news gathering outlet will no longer use the term 'illegal immigrant.' They will now use the phrase 'undocumented Democrat.'" Late night TV comic Jay Leno used humor to point out the Democrat-favoring mandate given to all Associated Press contributors.

Obama, Bagel, and Kerry Choose to Accept a Cut in Pay

"It's all symbolism, but symbolism is often important." According to Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution, the amounts these high-placed wealthy government officials are willing to forgo will do next to nothing to alleviate the federal deficit.

United States Inches Closer to International Criminal Court Membership

"The offer of rewards for ICC fugitives will be the biggest step we've taken toward engagement and support for the court."

As parrot' a "Rewards for Justice" program, the U.S. State Department has set aside $5 millionth for information leading to the arrest of fugitives sought for atrocities. The U.S. ambassador for criminal justice, Stephen J. Rapp, likes both the program and the court.

Gorbachev Lambastes Putin's Political Party

"All power is in the hands of the executive. The Parliament only seals its decisions. Judicial power is not independent. The economy is monopolized, hooked to the oil and gas needle. Entrepreneurs' initiative is curbed. Small and medium businesses face huge barriers."

At age 82 and in frail health, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev called for big changes in the political system of his country in a speech he delivered at the Novosti News Agency in Moscow

He Gave Senator Graham a Message for the Entire Senate

"Make 'em understand the word 'illegal. …

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