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Evolphin: Managing Digital Assets

Magazine article Information Today

Evolphin: Managing Digital Assets

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Mad Men's Don Draper doesn't come up with showstopping advertisements on the first try. He brainstorms an idea with his creative team from concept to masterpiece.

And as a creative team churns out progressive iterations of a project, these versions need to be saved, stored, and revisited. This can devour storage space and zap bandwidth. The other big problem is fast and accurate retrieval of previous versions; it can take time to sort through the many versions to find the one that worked the best.

"There is a rapid escalation in the volume of digital assets," says Brian Ahearn, CEO of Evolphin Software. "More importantly, the size of these digital assets is growing exponentially," which is impacting storage, bandwidth, and retrieval. With customers trying to manage terabytes of data, companies are collaborating with many stakeholders to access this information, edit the content, and comment about the data, he says.

Evolphin, based in the tech-savvy Silicon Valley, spent time and due diligence getting to the core of the problems facing a creative team; in response, Evolphin, with eight patents pending, built Zoom 4.0, a solution to streamline the challenges of digital asset versioning and workflow management.

"We built this product by sitting down with creative organizations and asking them about their problems and their challenges, what they would like in a solution," says Ahearn. While there are plenty of solutions in the marketplace, there is no one solution that addresses all the problems of speed, storage, and retrieval at the same time and on the same platform, he says.

"CEOs don't have any control over the core process of the business, which is the creation, delivery, and distribution of digital assets," says Ahearn. "As a result, people can't manage their businesses, they don't know what costs are, and they can't see into the process to find out where the problems actually are. …

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