Magazine article School Librarian

Crossan, Sarah: Breathe

Magazine article School Librarian

Crossan, Sarah: Breathe

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Crossan, Sarah


Bloomsbury, 2012, pp371, 6.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 4088 2719 2

Here is our tomorrow--after a catastrophic event called 'The Switch' trees are extinct, and oxygen levels are so low that nobody can breathe without a supply of the gas. So selected people now live in a pod where oxygen is supplied, and other people who have not died, eke out a poor existence in a desolate landscape attached to large solar-powered oxygen tanks.

Add to this the dystopian vision of a world where people are divided into groups; the Premiums are keeping power for themselves, and tattoo their ears to prove who they are. The Auxiliaries live to serve their betters, and have no chance to improve their status.

In an attempt to change the future, a Romeo and a Juliet from the two tribes meet up, and leave the Pod to discover the truth about their political system. …

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