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Magazine article Word Ways


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When Neil Sedaka recorded "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" many years ago, he surely did not envision that the lyrics would be an apt prophecy for a logological exercise. Each of the "equations" presented below results from the dissection of a single word into two different sets of shorter ones. For example, CARDAMOM, an Indian spice, can be fractured into both CAR + DAM + OM and CARD + A + MOM.

Prompts have been supplied for the constituent parts of each answer. Definitions for the ten unbroken words have been pooled as well, although their ordering does not correspond to that of the ten questions. Perhaps if Mr. Sedaka sees this piece, he'll be inspired to pen a new song, entitled "Reassembling Is Even Harder To Do."

1. mend shoes + rock = corn core + sanctified + undivided

2. unspecified quantity + in what place = consequently + small alley + present

3. lea + carefree adventure = alcoholic beverage + nocturnal bird + large boat

4. …

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