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Funny Business

Magazine article Word Ways

Funny Business

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If two businesses join together, they may be able to do so under a catchy name. For example, a dentist and manicurist can form a business that they call Tooth and Nail. Find the names of the following businesses. The number of letters in the pair of words is given as a hint.

The half a dozen items below are forwarded to me by Dick Hess.

Tackle shop and electrical components (4 & 6)

Trophy store and alien travel agency (4 & 7)

Poultry seller and upholsterer (4 & 5)

Theatrical agency and delivery service (4 & 6)

Bowling alley and immunization center (4 and 7)

Geologist and tire store (4 & 4)

The two dozen items below are my own compositions.

Dyke constructor and New Year party caterer (1-3 and 3)

Dance hall and black smithy (5 and 7)

Quarry and arms dealer (5 and 6)

Macintosh seller and stage prop supplier (5 and 6)

Carnival and shopping mall (4 and 6)

Downsizing advisor and transformer toy store (4 and 9)

Charity fundraiser and film studio (4 and 4)

Bridge club and scrubbing service (5 and 5)

Funeral home and top soil supplier (6 and 5)

Leather company and word search designer (4 and 4)

Marijuana joint and alcoholic anonymous (4 and 3)

Movie promoter and beauty pageantry (3 and 4)

Checker tournament and folk music (4 and 7)

Social club and tennis tournament organizer (3 and 5)

Psychiatric ward and jail-break arranger (4 and 5)

Halfway house and small boxing arena (3 and 1-4)

Flower garden and surf club (4 and 4)

Finishing school and evidence gatherer (4 and 12)

Bank and music store (4 and 5)

Aerobic center and sun-tan parlor (5 and 4)

Feather weight boxer and tennis coach (6 and 7)

Glue factory and glue-sniffing joint (6 and 6)

Blood relation test center and weight loss clinic (5 and 4)

Massage parlor and public toilet (5 and 2)


Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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