Magazine article Sunset

Preschoolers Test the Stone Soup Story

Magazine article Sunset

Preschoolers Test the Stone Soup Story

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"This stone soup would be fit for a rich man's table if only we had a little beef, potatoes, carrots, or other fresh garden vegetables to add to it." With these words, three hungry soldiers convince recalcitrant villagers to contribute ingredients to the soup pot in the book Stone Soup. Their efforts turn a pot of water and a rock into a hearty meal for the entire town.

Every year, following the reading of this charming story, the children at Trinity Nursery School in San Carlos, California, reenact the plot and make their own stone soup. The idea has the makings for a children's party at home.

Water, previously fortified with flavorful bones or canned broth by a parent or teacher, comes to simmering. A stone (or perhaps several) is scrubbed and dropped into the pot. Then each child scrubs, peels, or cuts up a vegetable brought from home and adds it to the simmering broth.

The result is a fresh, wholesome soup to enjoy for lunch with buttered bread or crackers. For fledgling gourmets, there's grated parmesan cheese to add. Trinity's Stone Soup

In a 10- to 12-quart pan, bring 4 quarts enriched chicken or beef broth (directions follow) to boiling.

Choose several smooth, clean stones that are too large to be mistaken for vegetables or swallowed; add to the broth. …

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