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Turn Meetings into Revenue [TM] with Meeting Mapper [TM]

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Turn Meetings into Revenue [TM] with Meeting Mapper [TM]

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Customer meetings are at the very core of the sales process. Opportunities start with a meeting and end with a meeting, but between the first and last meetings, there are many more meetings and customer interactions required for your account teams to close the deal.

Do you know the critical information and data from these meetings and interactions? Is it in Salesforce? If the sales rep quit mid pursuit, could you look in Salesforce and have the information necessary to close the deal?

Let's take a leap to the future... Date--Sometime in the future Mission--Choose an opportunity in Salesforce and review the associated data to:

1. Determine if it will close this quarter

2. Actually close the deal without contacting the account team


During your review you have the following Actionable Intelligence upon which to base your decisions:

Information about customer facing and internal meetings including:

* Attendees

* How many

* Role(s)

* Stance (For, Against, Neutral, etc.)

* Level of Participation

* Did they conference call into the meeting or attend in person

* Next Steps and Action Items

* Notes about the attendees

* Goals and Objectives for the meeting and if they were met.

* Detailed Notes (both for public consumption and internal consumption)

* Stage of the opportunity

* Potential show stoppers (meeting flagged Red or Yellow)

* Scheduled Activities

* Notes and Attachments

Based on the Actionable Intelligence in the opportunity, you determine this is a winnable deal and can be closed even if the sales rep is nowhere to be found.


In a single interface within Salesforce your account teams can enter in the Actionable Intelligence from their meetings and interactions with customers. This single interface allows your account teams to populate not only the opportunities, but the account it's linked to.

With Meeting Mapper's intuitive and easy to use interface, you'll feel the real power of Salesforce to shorten the sales cycle and increase revenue.

Without Meeting Mapper your account teams have to input information in many different locations within Salesforce.

And if they actually do it, the level of detail is just not there. They go from meeting to meeting taking notes on paper, on their laptop, or another device. …

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