Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

No 4291

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

No 4291

Article excerpt

Set by J Seery

We asked for questions from exam papers to be answered by future private investigators, now under government regulation.

This week's winners

The winners get [pounds sterling]30 each, with the Tesco vouchers going, in addition, to Graham King.

Q1. WITHOUT LOOKING UP, list exits from this hall. (You are under constant surveillance.)

Q2. THEORY: What is attached below your chair?

PRACTICAL: Disable it. Belt buckle and shoelaces only may be used. (Doctor in attendance.)

Q3. One candidate here is an impostor--a plant. Which one? How can you tell?

Q4. Have you previously sat this exam under another identity? (Exhaustive background checks will be made.) What made you think your subterfuge would succeed? How will you do better in future?

Leave the exam by a different route, ensuring you are not followed. Deposit your paper (with fee in unmarked, non-sequential mixed banknotes) in the brown paper bag supplied, at the location whispered to you by the hooded blonde pushing her pram past the gate as you arrived. Do not attempt to contact us; we will contact you.

Graham King

Q1. On the trail of a missing person you break into a motel room. There is a man pointing a gun at you, at his feet a bleeding corpse. A glamorous blonde in a low-cut gown sits on the sofa, smoking. On the desk is a bottle of whisky. What is your first move?

Q2. Rank in order of their utility as clues: a car registration number; a torn-off piece of paper with part of an address on it; a memory stick; an encrypted memory stick; a matchbook from a bar or restaurant; a murdered person's dying words; confidential police information; lipstick; DNA. …

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