Magazine article Techniques

Puffing the Puzzle Together

Magazine article Techniques

Puffing the Puzzle Together

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THE "PICTURE ON THE BOX" IS A SAYING I CONSISTENTLY USE when talking about the image of career and technical education because I think it creates a visual for a challenge we face. Have you ever tried putting together a puzzle without having the finished picture available to guide you? Chances are, if there are many pieces, you may get part of the puzzle put together, but, out of frustration, you will likely give up before the picture becomes clear.

The message behind this saving is that if we want others to fully understand how the man pieces of the CTE puzzle fit together--and into the broader educational picture--we have to do a better job of creating the image we put on our boxes. If we don't, we may find others creating one that isn't truly representative or the value we bring.

The theme for this month's issue of Techniques is "GTE and the Brain." It has been my experience that GTE is well respected for the opportunities it provides students to learn hands-on skills. We are less well known, however, for the role GTE plays in the cognitive development of students.

As a result, there is much debate about the value of GTE programs for secondary students. Should they be geared toward:

* Career exploration and the validation of career interests and identification of appropriate educational pathways, or

* Career preparation and the attainment of industry credentials? …

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