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FDA Outlines Intentions for Regulating Medical Apps

Magazine article Clinical Psychiatry News

FDA Outlines Intentions for Regulating Medical Apps

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Officials at the Food and Drug Administration have no plans to regulate mobile applications that let consumers compare their symptoms to a list of medical conditions, link patients to a portal with their own health information, or allow patients to measure and track their own vital signs.

But the agency has identified a limited scope of mobile medical apps that it intends to regulate because they function as medical devices and pose a potential safety risk if they malfunction. For instance, a mobile app that uses either internal or external sensors to create an electronic stethoscope would be regulated as a medical device.

The FDA issued a 43-page guidance document in September outlining its regulatory approach and listing examples of what will be regulated, what probably won't be regulated, and what is not considered a medical app.

In general, the FDA plans to regulate mobile apps that act as an extension of a medical device by displaying, storing, analyzing, or transmitting patient-specific medical data. Also, the agency will regulate apps that transform a mobile platform into a device, such as the attachment of electrocardiographic (ECG) electrodes to a mobile platform to measure, store, or display ECG signals.

Mobile apps will be regulated if they perform patient-specific diagnoses or make treatment recommendations. This type of app might use patient data to calculate a drug dosage or create a dosage plan for radiation therapy.

The agency does not plan to regulate apps that help patients self-manage their health conditions, provide tools for patients to track their health information, automate simple tasks for providers, or allow patients and providers to interact with a personal health record or an electronic health record. …

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