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I'll Have a Budget Amp with My Budget Guitar, Please

Magazine article Guitar Player

I'll Have a Budget Amp with My Budget Guitar, Please

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Guitars and amps go together Like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, so why stop at rounding up 21 budget solid bodies? We culled the Listings of this year's The Ultimate Guide to Guitar & Bass Gear to offer GP readers a selection of inexpensive amplifiers to accompany the budget guitars y'all may be Lusting after. Now, have fun finding your Low-buck dynamic duo! (All costs are street prices.)


Peavey Vypyr VIP 1

20 watts. TransTube solid-state technology. 8" speaker. Acoustic and bass guitar simulation. 25 effects. 36 amp models. 6 bass amp models. 6 acoustic amp models. Chromatic tuner.


Roland Cube Lite

10 watts. 2.1-channel audio system with stereo speakers and subwoofer. Three 3" speakers. COSM guitar tones and onboard effects, iOS integration. Cable for playback and recording.


Crate FLexWave 120H

120-watt head, three channels, solid-state. DSP with effects.



11 amp models from the Vox Valvetronix series. Eight effects. Bassilator circuit. Rhythm patterns in 10 genres with metronome.


Rocktron V50D

50 watts (25 watts per side). 8" Rocktron Velocity VSG8 custom voiced speakers. Built-in chorus and digital delay.


Ibanez TSA15H

15 watts pentode. 5 watts triode. 12AX7 preamp, 6V6GT power amp. Tube Screamer with Overdrive, Tone, and Level controls. 4-, 8-, 16[SIGMA] speaker jacks.


ZT Lunchbox

200 watts. …

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