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PublishThis: Content at Your Fingertips

Magazine article Information Today

PublishThis: Content at Your Fingertips

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Here's a company that streamlines web content discovery to speed up digital curation and ensure effective customer engagement.

When you come up against a big problem, sometimes the only thing you can do is to fix it yourself. Matthew Kumin and Scott Decker learned this firsthand while working for the automotive site Edmunds .com. During the time they were there, both men saw how difficult it was to scale content the traditional way--by adding more and more writers to the payroll--so they devised an alternative solution, and PublishThis was born.

"We had this idea about finding content and discovering content in a way that we thought businesses could benefit from," says Kumin, CEO. "There is such a need for content and we both had deep backgrounds working in content visual companies, and we had been on the other side of this trying to figure out how to scale content."

So Kumin and Decker combined their experience in 2008 to create PublishThis, a content marketing platform, by eschewing the idea that companies must hire a factory of writers to produce enough content to meet their demand. Companies can combine their own editorial creations with curated selections from the web, delivered by a semantic search engine that PublishThis can create.

The goal of PublishThis is to identify and deliver content that consumers actually care about, according to Kumin.

"We've all experienced these kinds of situations where you might get a Google Alert or someone emails you something and it's not always about something you might think it's about, it might mention a couple words from your searches, or just mention the word as opposed to really being about the topic you care about," he says. "There's a lot of inefficiency in that, and our technology really cuts through the clutter and is a sort of laser strike on the information that people need really quickly."

Under the Hood

PublishThis is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) licensing model. Customers license the tools from PublishThis and gain access to a content manager, which includes a content discovery and a curation workflow system. Kumin says the system is designed with ease of access in mind. "It's an editor-friendly, marketer-friendly tool that allows non-technical people to discover content, manage it really easily, and write their own original commentary on top of it," he says. "This is an emerging interest our clients have, which is to curate, to write original commentary on what's interesting from their perspective."

For the past 5 years, PublishThis has been working on its proprietary search and content discovery technology to better refine accurate content delivery. PublishThis analyzes more than 250,000 content items per day from thousands of different sources across the web, which grows with the addition of a customer's unique content.

Kumin likes to compare the process to the digital music site Spotify: "[Y]ou have your own music on your computer, and you marry it to all the music that is out there in the world, and then create playlists around it. It's kind of the same thing; any client that is producing their own content, we can ingest their content and then marry it to the fresh content that's out on the web and organize it topically based on terms that they're interested in, and on the other side of that basically publish different streams or feeds of content into their websites, blogs, emails, and social channels. …

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