Brush with Greatness

Article excerpt

When I was in college, I worked as a local roadie for concerts that came through my school. This meant that I would help load and unload equipment trucks, set up the stage and serve as venue security during the show. Aside from maybe a nod or a wave if they happened by backstage, we didn't get to meet the artists, but that really wasn't important to me. I just enjoyed being behind the scenes. Although it was hard work at times--some of those speaker cabinets are really heavy--for a music fan like me, it was the proverbial labor of love.

One of the more impressive shows I worked on was when Bob Dylan came to town. Unloading road cases stenciled with Bob Dylan's name was like carrying a part of rock history. It was great. The setup was pretty uneventful until Bob Dylan's stage manager called me over and asked me to follow him to a backstage area that was off limits to local crew. As I was led into this forbidden territory, I saw classic guitars everywhere and thought that this could be my big moment. Was he going to have me tune Bob's guitars? Maybe sit with the man himself and help him rehearse? …


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