Magazine article The RMA Journal

Risk Management: Super Powers

Magazine article The RMA Journal

Risk Management: Super Powers

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IN FOURTH GRADE my fellow students and I received an assignment to write a short essay titled, "What I want to be when I grow up." All of us wrote a few paragraphs about our dream job and provided the rationale to support the choice. We even had the opportunity to stand in front of the class to share our aspirations.

I clearly remember friends wanting to become doctors, lawyers, rocket scientists, architects, policemen, firemen, bankers, cowboys, veterinarians, and clowns. (Yes, downs!) My memory might not be what it used to be, but I am pretty sure no one expressed an ambition to be a risk manager. Indeed, I would bet that if you surveyed teachers across the nation and asked how many students identified "risk manager" as their career choice, the sum would be zero.

Do I make this point to depress my risk colleagues? To make all of us regret our career choice? Not at all! A career in risk management can be uplifting, empowering, and fun. In truth, I never dreamed that I would make a living as a risk manager for my entire career.

Or did I? Read my story, and you be the judge.

When my grandmother was no longer able to live on her own, my family moved her into a senior living facility. While cleaning out her apartment, I discovered an assemblage of school assignments that I'd given her over the years. While leafing through these blasts from my past, I found a fourth-grade essay on my career aspirations.

It turns out that my love of comic books got the best of me; I wrote about wanting to grow up to become a superhero. …

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