Magazine article School Librarian

Mussi, Sarah: Siege

Magazine article School Librarian

Mussi, Sarah: Siege

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Mussi, Sarah


Hodder, 2013, pp309, 5.99 [pound sterling]

978 1 444 91008 7


The book is set in 2020, after riots have caused the Government to take stern action in schools and enable them to be Locked Down. The Lock Down effectively confines unruly pupils and prevents violence breaking out in the streets. The most unruly pupils are seen as those in Challenge Schools, the schools populated by the children of those who are on Third Tier benefits. These pupils have little hope of dragging themselves out of their poverty stricken lives; no matter how intelligent or talented they are as the system keeps them in their place.

Leah is a carer, for her Mum, brother and sister and because of this she was later for school on the morning that the events took place. She was sitting in a holding room and wasn't in Assembly when the shootings start, but she knows that she has to hide as the Year 9 boys enter the room and shoot her teacher through the head. …

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