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Using VC101[R] to Optimize Customer Service Experience

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Using VC101[R] to Optimize Customer Service Experience

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Many people believe they are best served by real people, not by voice robots. That's the rationale behind But the economics and utility of self-service as an alternative to live agent interactions are so compelling that self-service solutions are here to stay.

Providing multiple touchpoints is a huge technology investment. Technology is great, but you can't just diligently manage the implementation process and then assume all is well with the customer service experience. Because nothing's static in this world it's extremely important to confirm from your customers' perspective that your contact center technology really is capable of delivering the experience you intend, one that defends your brand promise and delivers on it every day in production.

In 17 years of supporting clients through the installation phase and into the production phase of the contact center lifecycle, we've learned many lessons about how to best evaluate and optimize the Customer Service Experience (CSE) that is the foundation of delivering your brand promise. This paper introduces the process we've built based on our experience. It's a process that ensures the contact center technologies for which you've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, that you count on to take care of your customers the way they want to be taken care of is in fact offering up the customer service experience you intend, one that delivers on your brand promise and doesn't push customers away.

Virtual Customer[R] 101--VC101[R] for short--positions the customer service perspective as a key element of your technology management toolkit.



VC101[R] is a proven process that ensures the customer service experience delivered is aligned with the intentions of the Customer Experience & Brand Management teams because its first step is identifying key customers and defining how they will interact with the contact center technology you put in place. By doing so, VC101 goes beyond using only internal metrics that confirm everything is Working As Designed (WAD) to monitor & measure actual customer service experience as it's delivered.

Once you have actual Customer Service Experience data, you can create a feedback loop by tweaking your systems and observing impact on the actual CSE delivered, not just on internal metrics such as CPU time or QoS.

And when you know the service experience delivered by your contact center technologies defends your brand standards, you can also be confident the experience delivered increases loyalty and creates advocates. …

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