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Hungry for Customer Intelligence: CX Professionals Must Satisfy Appetites Companywide

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Hungry for Customer Intelligence: CX Professionals Must Satisfy Appetites Companywide

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TODAY, key areas in customer-focused companies--particularly customer-facing roles such as sales, account management, and support-- are acutely aware of the importance of customer intelligence. But what about the other areas? often only a handful of departments use customer intelligence effectively.

That is about to change.

We asked customer experience (CX) professionals how the demand for customer intelligence is likely to change. a striking 96 percent expect it to increase and 4 percent expect it to stay the same. No one believes it will decrease.

This means we can expect the use of customer intelligence to be both broad and deep. Virtually all areas of the company will want access to customer intelligence, and the applications of customer intelligence will be richer and more predictive.

What's driving this? Here a few observations:

* Executives are seeing customer experience as an effective way to differentiate. Evidence indicates that the impact of traditional areas of differentiation, such as product and price, may actually decrease. At the same time, customer experience is being viewed as a credible way to stand apart from the competition.

* Customer information has exploded. With real-time feedback, social media, and access to all kinds of customer data, there is so much more intelligence to put to use. What's more, new technology tools and advanced analytics help make it more practical and actionable.

* CX professionals are better and getting noticed. Customer experience roles have become more than a stop on the career path for many professionals. More customer experience professionals are choosing this role and embracing the leadership opportunity. In fact, the Customer Experience Professionals Association, an industry association formed about two years ago, plans to offer CX certification by the end of the year.

All of these elements are driving a greater interest across the company for rich customer insights that can help stakeholders at all levels improve the way they serve customers and anticipate their future needs.


This can all be a little intimidating. After all, the expectations of executives are increasing and the needs of colleagues throughout the company are expanding. …

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