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J. Hoberman

Magazine article Artforum International

J. Hoberman

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J. Hoberman's Film After Film: or, What Became of 21st Century Cinema? (a book that originated with an essay in these pages) has just been published in paperback by Verso.

1 GRAVITY (Alfonso Cuaron) Project it I upside down or inside out. Cuaran's 3-0 thriller is blockbuster modernism in the tradition of Intolerance, Napoleon, Olympia, The Birds, and, of course, 2001. "Sort of the human condition," an artist I know said. I imagine Gravity as a thought balloon in the minds of the people in James Nares's monument to earthbound evanescence, Street (2011).

2 "HANNAH ARENDT" Not the Margarethe von Trotta movie or the actual person but Brooklyn-based Barbara Sukowa, who plays the moral philosopher as a feisty, furious living doll.

3 IMAGINARY DOUBLE PROJECTION 0 Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring and Andrew Bujalski's Computer Chess: two antithetical, deadpan, sci-fi meditations on the way we live now. Show them side by side intermittently accompanied by loops of Scarlett Johansson's voice-over from Spike Jonze's Her and with The Fifth Estate, Bill Condon's hysterical docudrama, playing silently on a tiny monitor tucked in a corner.

4 LE PONT DU NORD (Jacques Rivette) Revived for a week in Brooklyn, Rivette's 1981 feature uses plein air Paris as the backdrop for a never-explained conspiratorial narrative. What the Surrealists found in Louis Feuillade's World War I serials, we can find here.

5 PORTRAIT OF JASON (Shirley Clarke) 0 I first pondered Clarke's racially charged, epic version of a Warhol screen test as an undergraduate. Four decades later, it's no less problematic. …

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