Magazine article New African

Leaders and Unity

Magazine article New African

Leaders and Unity

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I read with great interest the article entitled "How Africa Can Prosper" by Dr Kwame Addo-Kufuor (New African, November).

In the article it was mentioned "the cold war divided the African leadership into the Casablanca (right-wing) and Monrovia (left-wing) groups".

That is erroneous as the Casablanca group consisted mainly of left-wing socialist-leaning leaders, and the Monrovia group consisted of right-wing neo-colonialist, conservative leaders. The Monrovia group included countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Cate d'Ivoire while the Casablanca group were countries like Ghana, Republic of Guinea, Tanzania etc.

However, the division of the OAU into Casablanca and Monrovia groups is quite simplistic. For example, Morocco, under King Hassan II, was in the radical Casablanca group: yet King Hassan II was no left-wing socialist!


I was taken aback by the article's dismissive tone regarding the great pan-Africanists and radical socialist leaders of Ghana; namely Dr K. Nkrumah. Dr Nkrumah, like Marshal Tito of former-Yugoslavia, was an independent socialist who was not a puppet of the Soviet Union. …

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