Remember Your First Bipolar Patient?

Article excerpt

Like all of the illnesses we treat, our knowledge about bipolar disorder continues to advance, thankfully. That's why I'm excited to welcome you to the first issue of THE BIPOLAR REPORT, a compilation of articles about the latest research and commentaries on various aspects of the disorder from the pages of CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY NEWS.

In THE BIPOLAR REPORT, you will find articles from the many medical meetings covered across the globe by CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY NEWS reporters. In addition, you will find news articles about lurasidone, the most recent drug approved for treating bipolar depression, and armodafinil, a sleep drug that is showing efficacy for the depressive component of this vexing disorder.

THE BIPOLAR REPORT'S Perspectives section is rich with insightful pieces by several thought leaders in psychiatry, including Dr. Alison M. Heru and Dr. Amy Mednick, as well as Dr. Lee S. Cohen. Dr. Heru and Dr. Mednick explore the important role that families can play in helping patients with bipolar disorder achieve stability. Dr. Cohen looks at the latest reproductive safety data on antipsychotics for reproductive-age women.

Dr. Dinah Miller offers a piece about our rather murky understanding of the diagnostic criteria for bipolar disorder. Writer Mitchel L. Zoler addresses the frustrations of some of our colleagues in other parts of the world in understanding how American psychiatry conceptualizes bipolar disorder.

This first issue of THE BIPOLAR REPORT brings back fond memories that harken back to the 1980s, when Dr. Harshad Mehta and I wrote an article titled the "Misdiagnosis of Black Patients with 'Manic Depressive Illness' " as it was called then (J. Natl. Med. Assoc. 1981;73;101-7). It also evokes recent memories of one-third of the poor African American patients I am currently treating on Chicago's Southside who come in misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. …


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