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Points Mentioned

Contact: Matthew Larson, Director of Business Development

Phone: 315-294-5735



Company Profile

Points Mentioned is a service created by Our-Hometown, Inc, a company that has been helping the newspaper industry for fifteen years by providing turnkey digital publishing solutions to community newspapers. The company has always focused on making it as easy as possible for the publisher to get all their print content online. For the past year, the company has been collaborating with the newspaper industry to develop Points Mentioned, a service that automatically creates maps for news articles whenever a location is mentioned in a story. The company is quietly rolling out the service to community news-paper websites as part of an open beta trial. "Software is in our DNA, and we were raised on newspapers", explains Matt Larson, director of business development for Our-Hometown. Points Mentioned was borne from this combination and continues its heritage of supplying innovative digital solutions for the industry.

Benefits to a newspaper

Points Mentioned is the easiest way to create interactive maps for news articles. The service works through an automated mapping widget, which is easily installed on any newspaper website. When a story is first published, the widget scans the page for location information using a natural language processing algorithm. Once any locations in the story are identified, the widget creates a map with pins for each point mentioned. These "in story" maps first appear as a small preview icon, which expand to a full size, interactive map when clicked. This is a three tier value proposition to newspapers. First, automatically having a map appear on news articles will drive reader engagement and bring a whole new dimension to your stories. The maps highlight the geographic context of the article and immediately answer the question, "where's the story?." Secondly, the data that is collected can be used by reporters for research and to create new interactive storytelling tools." Global maps", for example, can easily be created to display points from many different articles, enabling readers to discover local news on a map.

And third, an innovative mobile app called "News Bayou" will provide a feed of geotagged stories, enabling readers to discover hyperlocal news about their communities and neighborhoods. Once launched, the app will generate traffic and subscription revenue for newspaper websites by directing mobile readers to news articles based on their current location. Learn more at

355 South 520 West, Suite 250, Lindon, UT 84042

Contact: Brent Carter, Director of Business Development

Phone: 801-494-6527

Fax: 801-494-6490



Company Profile is a business unit of and is the online home of 51m million pages of historical newspapers from more than 1900 newspapers from around the United States and beyond. The site serves the genealogy community by making it easy and convenient to search or browse the collection for news, notices of births, marriages and deaths, sports, comics and much more. partners with archives and publishers across the country to digitize millions of pages each month through its customized Powered by solution.

Benefits to a Newspaper

* Uniquely position a newspaper to increase revenue from its archive.

* Offer a no-cost solution to the digitization and monetization of historical newspapers through a highly favorable partnership.

* Allow a newspaper to sell digitized and indexed images directly into the consumer market, make it part of your bundle, introduce it as a new product, or integrate it directly into an article. …

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