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Five Publishing Predictions for 2014

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

Five Publishing Predictions for 2014

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Much like last year, in 2014 the publishing world will continue to navigate change as the digital world absorbs print editions and dilutes subscription fees. In this ever-changing cyber landscape, one thing is for certain: publishers must identify new ways to acquire traffic, strengthen reader loyalty and, ultimately, generate new revenue streams. With that in mind, here are my predictions for what's to come in the publishing world in 2014.

Publishers will crack the code on monetizing content accessed from the second and third screens.

In 2014, expect publishers to add experienced-based or session targeting to their advertising offering for an end-to-end user experience. Consistent content and advertising are carried forward from the primary screen to the second and third screens (smartphone and tablet). This holistic approach enables publishers and advertisers to better understand how readers access a site to determine how to more effectively engage their target audience and monetize content.

For example, you're at lunch, trying to figure out what to make for dinner. You go to a recipe site, search "lasagna," find a recipe and send it to your phone to reference ingredients needed when you get to the grocery store. Once home, you use your tablet to access the recipe while cooking. As a reader, you may have spent two hours with the recipe site in total throughout the day. Understanding how a reader accesses the site per platform is as meaningful as the overall website traffic numbers.

Publishers will put the readers' interests first, offering a more customized experience.

Readers are sourcing content from their friends, other social channels or via article links, and they don't care where the content comes from as long as it's good. To capture and retain these readers, publishers will need to offer a more customized experience. In 2014, publishers will leverage new technology to tailor site visits per reader, leading readers deeper into content to discover articles of interest to them and providing syndicated feeds more deeply tailored to readers' preferences.

For example, some publishing sites show you what friends in your social media circles are reading. More websites will begin to curate content based on the reader's interest and trends in their social circles. …

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