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Words at Work

Magazine article Information Today

Words at Work

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If you want to learn this new program in a hurry, you will need to bang the GUI.

bang the GUI: The act of consistently interfacing with a program in order to get to know its features and limitations, or the act of typing incessantly in order to teach oneself a new program.

Bailey the Switcher: The name for a person who attacks network traffic by modifying the contents of other people's messages.

cancelbot: A program that continually runs on an internet server, automatically looking for and deleting any Usenet postings from certain people or on subjects the system administrator deems inappropriate. Cancelbots are primarily used on news servers to filter out incoming spam from notorious email addresses.

chips and salsa: Chips refers to computer hardware. Salsa refers to software. For example, you may hear a tech support person say, "Well, first, we have to figure out if the problem's in your chips or your salsa."

false drop: A term that refers to search results that are not relevant to the user's query. A false drop can occur if the webpage found contains the keywords entered in the search, if the webpage is an attempt at spamdexing, if the search engine used has a fault in its database, or if it has a bug in the query program. …

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