Alcatraz: Managing Communication Channels

Article excerpt

The rise of social media offers numerous opportunities for communication, but it's left companies struggling to add context to traditional archives that don't take into account social and real-time conversations. Actiance, a communications management company based in Silicon Valley, can help with Alcatraz, its enterprise information archive. "Here at Actiance, what we do is we provide a single platform to manage all of your communication and collaboration channels in the company," according to Scott Whitney, VP of product management.


Traditional methods of maintaining records, such as email archives, treat each interaction in social media as an individual event. For instance, if a single Facebook post has 15 comments, 16 records are created. Rather than generate all of these individual records, Alcatraz incorporates fully threaded, contextual conversations alongside email.

Email archives also don't take into account how easy it is for users to change posted content. Social media allows users to update or modify posts, and they can delete comments or even the post itself. With Alcatraz, We're also able to preserve all the modifications, the changes and the deletes such that we've conserved the referential integrity of the interactions," says Whitney. "And then when the e-discovery request comes around, we can string all these events together in a very easy-to-use, quick-to-analyze fashion to really get to the bottom of the root cause of the issue."

Alcatraz was created as an object store, which conserves all metadata with an event. "If you're the record keeper in the company and you don't have a store to basically place all these interactions, you're kinda flying blind," says Whitney. …


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