Magazine article Pacific Ecologist

Get Active! What You Can Do to Help Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Magazine article Pacific Ecologist

Get Active! What You Can Do to Help Abolish Nuclear Weapons

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Sign the global online petition. Let the world's leaders know you demand a nuclear-weapons-free world! Put yourself on the map and see who else has signed and from where. Go to

Engage your legislator. Invite your legislator to join Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament and engage in various parliamentary actions to establish nuclear-weapon-free zones, phase-out nuclear deterrence, support the UN Secretary-General's nuclear disarmament plan and take national measures to prohibit nuclear weapons. Go to

Motivate your mayor. Encourage your mayor to join Mayors for Peace and to engage in their 2020 Vision campaign to achieve a global treaty to abolish nuclear weapons by 2020. Go to

Don't bank on the bomb! Does your bank invest in nuclear weapons corporations? If so, change to a different bank and let the banks know why. To find out which banks invest in nuclear weapons, go to

Stay informed. Sign-up for the Abolition 2000 E-news, an electronic newsletter every 4-6 weeks which reports on progress, initiatives and actions for a global treaty to abolish nuclear weapons. Go to or contact

Key organisations

Abolition 2000--Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons. Over 2000 organisations from around the world have joined the Abolition 2000 campaign for a global treaty to abolish nuclear weapons. Join a group in your city or country! You can also join one of the international working groups on sub-issues including international humanitarian law, de-alerting (taking nuclear forces off hair-trigger alert), nuclear doctrines (opposing nuclear deterrence), depleted uranium weapons, sustainable energy (phasing out nuclear energy), establishment of nuclear-weapon-free zones, economic aspects, and ballistic missiles/ space militarisation. Go to or contact

The ATOM Project. The atom project highlights the health and environmental consequences of nuclear tests as an imperative for nuclear abolition. Led by Karipek Kuyukov, a second-generation victim of Soviet nuclear tests in Kazakhstan (he was born with no arms due to his parents being irradiated), the atom Project has produced powerful videos and exhibitions on the impact of nuclear tests, and the leadership of Kazakhstan for a nuclear weapons-free-world. On independence from the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan closed the Soviet nuclear testing facility, destroyed all 1700 nuclear weapons on their soil and commenced negotiations for a Central Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone. More recently they have initiated the United Nations International Day Against Nuclear Tests and proposed a Universal Declaration for a Nuclear Weapons Free World. Go to

Basel Peace Office: Advancing international peace and security through nuclear abolition. Five international and two Swiss organisations have come together in this new initiative--hosted by the City of Basel (a member of Mayors for Peace) and the University of Basel--to advance key initiatives for a nuclear-weapons- free world based on peace and cooperative security. Initiatives include the Climate-Nuclear Nexus, Nuclear Abolition Forum (academic dialogue on how to achieve a nuclear-weapons-free world), Sports and Peace, the Framework Forum (bringing governments together to build the legal, political and institutional framework for a nuclear-weapons-free world), Engaging legislators (mayors and parliamentarians), establishing Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones and promoting the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and the relevance of international law. …

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