Magazine article The Futurist

What If? Questions Are Easy, Answers Are Hard

Magazine article The Futurist

What If? Questions Are Easy, Answers Are Hard

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Renewable marriages? Three-day weekends? Predictable sporting events? As we look forward to the World Future Society's 2014 conference, the theme of "What If" has inspired us to ask some pertinent questions.

World Future Society (@WorldFutureSoc): #WhatIf marriage licenses had to be renewed every five years, following mutual agreement and passing of tests?

@TheDeist: It's a plan!!! If things have been going badly you just don't renew and the marriage lapses. AWESOME!

@WorldFutureSoc: or possibly people will work harder at their relationships?

@TheDeist: Adding more Administrative processes will hardly help relationships. It will only add more strain.

@tidewaters (Chrystal Ocean): I've proposed five-year marriage contracts in the past, minus the tests. No more divorces!

@nevergonedrum (Nevergone): IMO, government shouldn't have anything to do with marriage, license or otherwise. Original thought tho--I like that.

@tidewaters: Civil libertarian in me agrees, but (in Canada) marriages also financial structures subj to diff. tax rules

@jboyded (Julie Boyd): and the idea of having a civil registry office marriage, then not allowed to have an expensive wedding until 2 years later

@claudiovgreco (Claudio V. Greco): Life is more complex and beautiful than this kind of provocation (with all the respect)

@WorldFutureSoc: True. Problems are complex. If solutions were simple, everyone would agree. Important to keep being provocative #WhatIf

@claudiovgreco: OK, let's be provocative :-) What about children if marriage license not renewed? …

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