Magazine article National Catholic Reporter

Look Back on NCR History

Magazine article National Catholic Reporter

Look Back on NCR History

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NCR's 50th anniversary is Oct. 28. Below are headlines that appeared in the newspaper between the dates May 23 and June 5.

May 26,1965, Vol. 1, No. 30

Provincial elected to life term as general

Rome--Pedro Arrupe, a 57-year-old Spaniard who has been provincial in Japan since 1958, was elected to a life term as general of the Society of Jesus. A delegate from Wisconsin, Fr. John L. Thomas, described Arrupe as a reformer with a mystical streak.

May 23, 1975, Vol. 11, No. 30

Canon law group gets advice on revisions

South Bend, Ind.--Leaders of 32 church, professional and grassroots groups meeting with the Canon Law Society's board of governors strongly criticized a draft of canon law that excludes women from the priesthood and does not do enough to encourage ethnic pluralism in the church.

Editorial: Creative Catholicism

In the parishes--once rigidly segregated into spheres of authority and function--there is today a more flexible, more open and more communicative style. Every parish is to a large extent a think tank.

May 30,1975, Vol. 11, No. 31

Abortion: key issue in 76

Washington--The National Committee for a Human Life Amendment and other pro-life groups fully intend to make abortion an issue at the ballot box. The message of the National Committee, which in 1975 was a legal lobby for the American bishops, is that the unborn child will be protected only through the voting booth.

CIA aid to regimes that repress church alleged

La Paz, Bolivia--A document circulating in Latin American countries alleges that the CIA is aiding repressive regimes to suppress "progressive elements" in the Catholic church there. Foreign clergy, including U.S. priests, are targeted for public identification.

Pope still dissatisfied, scolds Jesuits in letter

Rome--In a series of letters, Pope Paul VI has made it clear that he is less than enthusiastic about Jesuit superior general Fr. …

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