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Human Settlements Commission Approves Habitat's 1986-1987 Work Programme

Magazine article UN Chronicle

Human Settlements Commission Approves Habitat's 1986-1987 Work Programme

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Human Settlements Commission approves Habitat's 1986-1987 work programme

The Commission on Human Settlements, at its eighth annual session in Kingston, Jamaica, approved the 1986-1987 work programme of the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat).

The Commission requested Habitat's Executive Director, in implementing the work programme, to take due account of the Commission's comments "concerning such programme elements that ought to have a relatively higher priority in the studies, information and training, and in particular: land policies and practices; development of a local construction industry and appropriate technology; low-cost infrastructure, with special emphasis on sanitation; planning and management of a rational settlements pattern, with appropriate emphasis on small and intermediate centres; and development of alternate financial modules or systems that can reduce dependence on Government budgetary allocations or borrowing".

The Commission, comprising 58 Member States, met from 29 April to 10 May to review the human settlements situation around the world and the activities of the Nairobi-based Habitat.

The Commission adopted 26 resolutions and decisions. By resolution 8/1, the Commission decided that, on an experimental basis, its sessions would be held only during odd-numbered years as of 1987. In 1988 however, a special session would be held, devoted exclusively to the follow-up to the 1987 International Year of Shelter for the Homeless (IYSH). In connection with the IYSH, the Commission, by resolution 8/2, made a strong appeal to all Governments--especially those of developed countries--and to international financial institutions and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to provide financial and other support to the programme for the IYSH.

As a joint contribution to the IYSH, the USSR and the United States announced their intention to co-operate in preparing a document presenting their respective experiences in addressing the problems and issues of small and intermediate-size cities.

In some of the other resolutions, the Commission:

* Requested Habitat's Executive Director to circulate the proposal for setting up a financial and advisory institution for human settlements in Asia and the Pacific (resolution 8/5);

* Requested the Executive Director to intensify his efforts to provide increased technical and other assistance to Namibian refugee settlements (resolution 8/6); and

* Requested countries to pay attention to creating, expanding and strengthening the role of the small and intermediate settlements, when preparing and executing demonstration projects and national shelter strategies for the IYSH (resolution 8/23). …

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