Magazine article Management Today

Wise Words: Self Coach ... Delegation

Magazine article Management Today

Wise Words: Self Coach ... Delegation

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Having established their priorities, excellent leaders make sure they devote their energies to the things they alone can achieve, and pass on other tasks and responsibilities to those more appropriate to carry them out. Do you say: 'It's quicker to do it myself' or 'I don't have anyone suitable to give it to'? If so, you need to brush up your delegating skills.


- Overload; inability to tackle major projects

- Demoralised competent staff who feel micromanaged

- Panicked less experienced staff who are not ready for the tasks dumped on them

- Martyr complex - 'why do I have to work evenings and weekends?'


The key is to fit your leadership style to the experience and competence of the individuals you work with. Your aim is to increase the competence of your people so that they feel motivated and you can spend more time leading and less time doing.

- Directing

Telling people exactly what they should be doing. This is the most time-consuming style of leadership, but essential with someone totally new to the task.

- Supervising

Allowing people to conduct the task while keeping a close eye on how they are doing. …

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