Magazine article UN Chronicle

UNIDO Board Calls for Stimulation of Industry in the South

Magazine article UN Chronicle

UNIDO Board Calls for Stimulation of Industry in the South

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UNIDO Board calls for stimulation of industry in the South

The Industrial Development Board of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has called for stimulation of industry in the South, assistance to Lebanon, and technical aid for Palestinians, Namibians and South African liberation movements.

At its nineteenth session, held in Vienna 13-31 May, the Board also urged UNIDO to increase its support for the least developed countries in keeping with the Substantial New Programme of Action adopted by the 1981 United Nations Conference on LDCs. It recommended readjustment of UNIDO's programme budget for 1986-87 in light of priorities set by the 1984 Fourth General Conference and expressed concern about the decline in the real value of the organization's regular programme of technical co-operation since 1980, calling for its value to be maintained. The importance of strengthening the Senior Industrial Development Field Adviser programme was underlined as a crucial tool in furthering industrial development.

The Board, which met amid indications that conversion of UNIDO into a specialized agency of the United Nations was imminent, also adopted a number of conclusions covering the System of Consultations, integration of women in industrial development, the Industrial Development Decade for Africa, industrial co-operation, development and transfer of technology, and industrial restructuring.


In conclusion 1985/2, the Board requested implementation of a Fourth General Conference resolution on immediate assitance to Lebanon for reconstruction of its industrial sector. It expressed concern at the insufficient rate of growth in the South's share of World Manufacturing Value Added, and called for continued implementation of resolutions adopted by the Fourth General Conference as well as General Assembly resolution 39/235 on industrial restructuring and redeployment. To maintain and accelerate industrialization, the Board underlined the importance of increased flows for concessional and non-concessional industrial finance. It urged international financial organizations to consider allocating an adequate share of their resources to industrial development on suitable terms.

Against the background of the deteriorating economis situation in Africa, the Board, in conclusion 1985/3, urged all Governments, especially those of the developed countries, to increase financial, technical and other support towards achieving the goals of the Industrial Development Decade for Africa. It asked UNIDO to increase efforts for speedy implementation of the Decade's programme.

In conclusion 1985/5 on the System of Consultations, the Board decided that Consultation meetings should be held in 1986-87 on industrial manpower training, agricultural machinery, non-ferrous metals, iron and steel, pharmaceuticals and the fisheries industry. The Consultation on agricultural machinery would be interregional.

The Board, in conclusion 1985/8, noted with concern that the real value of UNIDO's regular programme of technical co-operation has been declining steadily since 1980, and recommended that the programme's real value chould be maintained. For the 1986-87 biennium, it approved tentative allocations of $6. …

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