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Empower Your Agents to Deliver Exceptional Omnichannel Customer Experience

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Empower Your Agents to Deliver Exceptional Omnichannel Customer Experience

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One of the key principles of a next generation customer experience is the ability to service customers on their channel of choice. While some customers prefer interactions through email, others require the reassurance of speaking to a live representative. Others still, led by the tech- and social-media-savvy "millennials," are pushing the envelope further by demanding communications through their mobile devices and social networking accounts.

Yet, despite this growing mix of customer engagement, many contact centers are ill equipped to manage this myriad of interaction types. For starters, most agents--those on the frontlines of your organizations--lack visibility into social media communications, as marketing has traditionally managed this medium. However, in turn, critical data necessary to delight customers often times elude agents.

Thus, while it is essential to service customers on their channel of choice, it's equally essential to give agents what they need to efficiently work--an integrated multichannel agent desktop--which is overlooked by most organizations. A cloud-based contact center with a 360-degree multichannel plus social and mobile view of the customer offers agents the ability to pivot customer conversations between channels, thus enabling brands to interact with customers in new, very flexible ways.

By providing agents with a single point of collection for critical customer data, organizations can ensure that their customers are being heard and responded to in a quick, efficient way. In fact, this improved agent experience has a direct impact on improving customer experience and overall profit contribution.

In a research report completed by Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, noted Social Media Author and Strategist, three companies were subjected to a time-motion study to monitor the effects of technology on customer service agents' attitudes and how it relates to productivity, performance and profit contribution. More importantly, the results quantified measurable gains in standard agent KPI's like a 25-50% gain in agent productivity as well as 50% reduction in repeat interaction costs. These factors all reinforce the strong connection between agent and customer experience.

In one study of a large, publicly traded electronics manufacturing company, agents had been measured on quality of contact and technical proficiency. …

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