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Diversity of Talent

Magazine article Marketing

Diversity of Talent

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So, I have my first Cannes under my belt. It was something of an eye-opener in many ways. While the superyachts moored there and the Methuselahs of rose on the Carlton Terrace might be the very definition of conspicuous consumption, it is the sheer number - and quality - of speakers and seminars that make this event unlike any other.

I caught up with some wonderful old faces and had the pleasure of meeting some equally wonderful new ones. But, from the CEOs and creative directors to the 20- somethings (the latter more often met in the general area of the Gutter Bar), one thing was clear: these people all share in an incredible enthusiasm for the creative industry of which they are a living, breathing part.

To see and feel that was perhaps my greatest personal take-home from Cannes.

While many were there purely for the networking and parties, for others - such as Mars CMO Bruce McColl - it was to learn and be stimulated.

I fell into both camps. Some of the best creative thinkers of the business and our times took to the stage. To my mind, that was unmissable. Hollywood actor Jared Leto, the UK's finest, Ralph Fiennes, or rocker Courtney Love may not deliver your next business plan, but they certainly fire the creative spark in you.

Unilever CMO Keith Weed revealed that one of his major concerns at the moment is the ability of the industry to attract and unlock creative talent.

'We need to suck the best creative talent into this industry and recognise and reward it,' declared Weed. …

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