Magazine article Word Ways

Planetary Mnemonics and Mnore

Magazine article Word Ways

Planetary Mnemonics and Mnore

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Anil wants to know, "Is there a common mnemonic for M V E M (A) J S U N (P)? If not, lets see some--with or without the Asteroid belt and Pluto, as you prefer. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, probably the most often confused, make their own apt mnemonic, SUN. For all eight to ten orbits (the A and P words can be omitted without loss of meaning or usefulness), I would suggest the following."

Mercury, Vaulting Earthward, Makes Astronomical Jumps Skyward Unto Neptune. (Perhaps!)

[Vaulting might be replaced by Voyaging, Venturing or Varying.]"

What I personally need more, however, are mnemonics for the major moons of the other planets,

Mars: Phobos and Delmos;

Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto;

Saturn: Titan;

Uranus: Oberon and Titania;

Neptune: Triton.

I especially have trouble remembering which planets Titan and Triton occupy. This should help:

Titan (a giant) is larger than Triton (a mollusk) just as Saturn is larger than Neptune. …

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