Magazine article Marketing

Deciphered: Jenny Creighton Cuts through the Noise Surrounding the Connected Consumer

Magazine article Marketing

Deciphered: Jenny Creighton Cuts through the Noise Surrounding the Connected Consumer

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Dogalize - the ultimate app for sociable canines

There is no longer a need to make a Facebook profile for your dog and annoy your cat-owning friends; Dogalize is the latest app to jump up at people's passion for pets.

Users can create a profile for their pooch, documenting its life using multimedia tools, while sharing tips with fellow dog-owners.

The app also contains a geolocation system, pinpointing the nearest bottom-sniffing opportunities and dog-friendly locations. And, in case their hound starts feeling a bit under the weather, users can even video call a vet for free advice.


Unlike the usual two-way radio baby monitor, Sproutling's wearable piece of baby tech tracks infants' sleeping patterns, heart rate and temperature. A soft, washable and waterproof band fits around the baby's ankle and is connected to the Sproutling app, where parents can see whether their baby is awake, has a fever, or is about to wake up.

The app itself is made simple, using animations rather than numbers, all with the intention of making life less stressful for parents.


Having made its name from its core check-in feature, Foursquare has evolved into a strictly local recommendation service.

In effect, the overhaul splits Foursquare's main app into two very separate services, in an attempt to keep up with consumer expectations.

The check-in capability has been rebranded as Swarm, an app for social location-sharing, designed to enable users to easily meet up with nearby friends. The new social city-exploring tool has seemingly not, however, been received with open arms, scoring an average of just 1.5 stars on Apple's App store.

Foursquare's new primary app, on the other hand, has not only gained a new look, but has also set itself out to compete with the likes of Google and Yelp.

Having dropped the check-in, users are shown a screen that lists several 'tastes' to select from, such as 'kebab', 'beer garden' or 'French fries', if you find yourself US-bound.

The app then locates you and offers nearby possibilities for breakfast, lunch, dinner, nightlife or shopping, taking your established 'taste' into account and offering short-and-sweet 'tips' from others.

The overhauled Foursquare looks swish, is easy to use and more personalised than Yelp's similar app - but the real challenge lies in converting those audiences and informing them of its latest advantages.


We live in an era of public concern about what our food contains Consumer Physics has responded to this by developing a handy scanner, SCiO, for gaining relevant information on the genetic or chemical make-up of. …

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